To my Mother

To the one who I hold so dear,

To the one who held me in fear.

To the only who soothes my pain,

To the only who kept me from rain.

To the Lady who birthed my Life,

To the Lady who sheds golden light,

A Light so bold, It taught me shame,

A Light so bright, of hell it slain.

This Lady taught me Right from Wrong,

This Lady showed me her healing balm.

This Lady guided me through Darkened rhyme,

And when I prevailed I was Stronger then time.

I shall live my life in Honor, that is what she taught me

And now I stand here in the highest Dignity,

Telling my story to this lady who I hold so dear and beloved to me.

Ands as I tell her this Single Rhyme

And now she hears I love her till the end of Time.

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To my mother:



A nice complimentary poem to and about your mother. Your mother obviously brought you up well. I think this poem is a good read and is well written, I enjoyed reading your poem.