Play with Me

is this what it feels like?

is this the way I hurt when I see pain?

before me, parading, hidden with a giggle

we remember. . .the past

You, with your wild days

Me, just beginning,

oblivious to that world existing behind my back

I am here now

cold does not burn

I am here for a reason

not just physical, it is spiritual

and my heart cries

it has bawled for you,

like a goddamn toddler

over a lost toy

or a lost playmate

never enjoyed, never recieved

yet still hopeful

because.  ....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Alexandra

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Aly Laufman's picture

Hey there, I noticed you were from Grand Forks, which is close to my hometown, I began reading your poetry, and really enjoyed it! This one in particular I loved! The way you compare the hurt hits dead on when I thought there were no words to explain that kind of hurt... so thanks! :) Keep writing!

sinisterbuilt's picture


For the comment, kinda surprised anyone reads this shite. I spent a good amount of time posting it all, then forgot it was even here. Still, catching up on my debts so, again, thank you.