The Look of True Despair


The caricature will give in on Saturday night.

You know what you have to do, so you will carry out your plan.

I do not know what the result will be.

I’m hoping the bee pollen will be available for the shoe salesman.

I turned the corner back there and found myself

Face to face with the pain of the cracked stone.

I’m not aware of what the sink looks like

When I can’t stop thinking of that one thing.

No, I will not tell you what it is.

I’m being a rock.  I’m extremely bothered by fingers on my collar.

By the way, you need to give it back, I only borrowed it.

The rolling wire is shredding my hand

So I don’t think I can leave at the moment.

I’m really dreading going to sleep,

Even though I want tomorrow to come.

The next few days, I will be dreaming.

Who knows what will happen when the man with the dildos

Knocks on my door with a heater in his hand.

You ask what I mean – that’s funny.

I know about your games.

I saw the polar bear sneak out the back, the murder at his heels.

Today, at my heels, I’ll tell you a story.

You’re on a trip with friends.

This van smells like a bunch of sweaty hippie crotches.

Isn’t it groovy?, the all-time favorite cliché.

Pick him up, man, he just wants to cut us.

He wants to leave his mark with us chomping on ribs.

These ribs are tasty.

Oh no, our friends are becoming lost.

What’s happening?  We just came here for fun.

I don’t know what’s going on.  Who was that guy?

Ouch, my head has been clubbed,

Rendering me you-know-what.

Now I hang from a meat hook, because that’s what I am.

That’s what I am to these people.

Look at what they eat.

Your eyes are bulging in horrific splendor

As your fear and anticipation clash.

You’re becoming an animal.

Primal instincts rise and escape is your life.

What have you stepped into, now you’re chased by a chainsaw.

You’ve saved your life, but your sanity can’t be replaced.

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