A Special Kind of Paranoia


I worry too much about what people think.

Do I say and do the right thing?

Especially around those who matter the most.

I do not want to drive them away.

Yet, I feel that it’s happening all of the time,

Because it has happened before.

People can give off the wrong impression.

If one can’t detect this façade,

One can easily be fooled to think everything’s fine.

This has happened to me once or twice.

In months of voice and writing she said

That “I think this way and that.

I definitely would like doing that sort of thing

If only I were given the chance. . . .”

Impulsively, I took some action one night,

Thinking that she thought the same

And did some things uncomfortably,

But not uncomfortable for me.

I drove this person away with my actions.

I’ve never been the same.

Everytime that I meet someone new

Or become more involved with a friend,

I worry about what I feel like saying.

Sometimes, what I feel like doing.

I know that my one lone experience

In driving a person away

Will taint my future dealings with loved ones

And people I wish to know.

I know this is how I will always feel

Until the day will come

When someone who knows how much I worry

Tells me that things will be fine.

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Scighera Morgan's picture

Very true...i have had times when i feel paranoid before.