You Make Me Feel Like Nothing

Pulverized like sand

Like the silt at the bottom of a murky lake

Sediment, dust, encrusted and caked

With malice and fear

Dejected, rejected, washed off with a tear

You are the salt that stings in my eye

My eyes strain hard as they look to the sky

Unwound, unnoticed, unfathomed

Untouched, unwanted, unraveled

Mistook for a crook

Confounded and weird

Onstage, under light, Iā€™d rather be jeered

Like a sore, like a pimple

You popped and I oozed

You gave me a look and I was confused

The mirror has shattered

The glass it has cut

You tore through my chest and shat in my heart

I see all the signs now; I see your demeanor

You see what you want; nothing else clearer

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Sarah Unser's picture

awww how sad.