Unfaith Healer

i know you

we are connected in a jaded way,

hurt and abused by the beautiful ones

bastard asterisks in the bathtub

messing up the finish

confusing water and love den

water. . ..love, which perpetuates life?

one is more a parasite than anything else

you hear my story and i tell it with eloquence and i don't want to stop though i really should because i'm no longer held in the grips of some fantasy past. . . .

i like to rant, though, so send another salvo of tough questions

EL GATO NEGRO, quenching our thirsts

and our inquisitive nature toward one another

it grows and in growing, will slate past pains

fuck all that. . . . . what's done is done. . . .

fidelity was not shown towards you,

and perhaps not to me, although i'm paranoid and hear things sometimes

but a squeeking bed?  my mind is not as imaginative as all that

only in dreams

i was very much


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