Who'd Want That Rhyme?

September 2014

Long time coming but this Summer's almost over,

fall has sprung upon me, still i'm sober,

still i told her, it's not just the old her,

i'm still nuts about the whole her,


take a shot of who gives a,

and slap up the dude who's with ya,

who missed her? a mister praying for a long time,

a mister who knew from the get go he's in for a long climb,


when is not the wrong time? after a few shows with lime

and a line or two about how leaving was such a crime?

who'd want that rhyme? there are other ways to define

how much of a felony it's been loving her all this time,


no more hopeful signs, no more wanting her to know,

i'll just keep it down deep where no one else will go,

where no bright lights from a show could know,

there's still this same love for her i had long ago.

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allets's picture

This . . .

is what rhymes should do and these do me up nicely - Thanks for taking the time to write this piece full of wonder - Lady A




Silver__lining's picture

i have my moments :) thanks

i have my moments :) thanks for the read and comment

can you hear me now?