Time Will Fly Later, Not Now

January 2013

A man for the temporary, never forever,

a girl for dreams, i'll never forget her,

time slips by slowly one day, it won't last,

in a weeks time you'll complain it goes by too fast,


live in the moment, forget your past,

never doubt karma, don't even ask,

the pain can only last as long as you can think,

just put it this way, two years then will be a blink,


all the nights in the city i ran cause i saw you,

dropped all my plans so she could drop my jaw too,

but what should i say when i am too afraid?

if i never see you again, will it all have been played,


perfect to the director? or did it take many takes,

for the director to find out the solutions to mistakes?

by now we should be evolved enough to speak truth,

yet all talk sounds like it comes from an unevolved youth.

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Okay, It's You

Only 1689 more to read  - hey, it's a summer thang :D  ~~A



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:) glad you liked it. thanks


glad you liked it. thanks for the read & comment

can you hear me now?