Sometimes Things Just Stay Broken

December 2019

Nothing but a minor memory now,

a look back and wonder why i ever chose to allow,

know how when your gut tells you its bad,

and you don't listen... but wish you had?


I'ts easy to think about it and admit i miss you,

maybe just maybe alone has been safer then with you,

maybe the delusions were when i kissed you,

could be all make believe and i pretended to be with you.


Maybe don't miss you, maybe being happy is what i desire,

either way no point expecting truth from a liar,

heart hung out on a wire, smile remains a token,

sometimes things just stay broken.


Know when a life as messy and combustible as you,

opens my door and walks on through,

quite easy for a fireball like you,

to leave destruction and ashes in its wake like you do.

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A poem full of hurt and regret. We live and learn. Life (and love) can be really hard sometimes.

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Trying to tell myself maybe

Trying to tell myself maybe it didnt happen and that will make it all easier has been the easiest way for me to get over nonsensical relationships.

Thanks for the read and comment!!!

can you hear me now?