Missing You

I have searched for you,

still the skies are blue.

You have engraved yourself in my soul,

Since my departure there's been this hole.

The deeper I fall the darker I get,

the darker I smile because I can't forget.

I want to taste your sting,

I want to be your King.

I want to hear your noise,

I want to feel your voice.

I want a ghost it seems,

I'll see you in my dreams.

Two birds in a nest,

never will they rest.


Missing you.



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Dont_punch_grandpa's picture

Um take my money. . . oh wait

I was sold by the end of this poem this is my favorite style of poetry the darker the more I can relate and enjoy.

"Some people die at 25 but buried at 75" Benjamin Franklin 

allets's picture

Mellow Mellow Mellow

"...I want to feel your voice..." Yeah. Enjoy the rhythm of this one ~allets~