What do you say to a beggar

Who lays there crying all alone

What does he say to a rich girl

Who walks by on her phone

What does she say to a child

With a ripped cloth on his back

What does he say to a robber

Who comes up to attack

What does the robber say

To his wife when he sits in jail

And then what can his wife say

When she cant afford the bail

then what can she say

To the guard who cant look her in the eye

And what does the guard say

When each day he sees them cry

And what do they say

To any person that they see

From a beggars dirty cup of water

To a rich girls cup of tea

Its them who choose not to speak

That forget who they are

Though a rich man and a beggar

Will always look alike from a far

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aw vatche.. new poem and you didnt tell me :(