hopelessly in love


My heart beats faster around you

My tongue ends up in knots

I don’t know what to say

Seeing that your hearts already been bought

I hate waking up in the morning

Because your always in my dreams

But each time you get farther away

At least that’s how it seems

You’re the first thing I see in the morning

You’re the last thing I see at  night

But I struggle trying to get to you

A battle I can’t possibly fight

Your so close to my eyes

But so far away from my heart

I thought the struggle was almost over

But I guess its just the start

It looks like I’m being selfish

Trying to cage a beautiful dove

I guess I’m being foolish

I’m just hopelessly in love

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Keisah's picture

this poem is so0o good. i can really relate because i had feelings like that for someone last year. i really love this poem.