the strongest peice of glass

a young girl's fragile heart

the strongest of relationships

that end before they start

having to act wierd

not showing whats inside

beacuse not one of my friends

would understand the things I hide

and if I gave up now

it wouldn't hurt so bad

if I ran away

not one person would be sad

I know that I'm unwanted

I know that no one cares

sometimes I think they'd be happier

if I wasn't there

what did I even do

to get treated like this

I'm just a useless object

that no one would miss

my dreams are all crushed

my hopes are slowly dying

when I tell them I'm ok

inside I know I'm lying

no one understands, they just tell me what to feel

I wish this was an act but I'm afraid it's real

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o yeah you spelled piece wrong in the first line.

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This is my favorite poem but all of them are awsome. I wish I could write like that.