set free...

frustration with the collective

reminded me to be selective

of the contact that i accepted...

love doesn't wither nor does it falter,

so though i must alter the position i stand in,

I still stand..

in love....

we are them that are sought

we found the one in each other

and though the love is beyond bliss,

the pain stretches beyond death...

and we need eachother like air.

you are why i am here as you say i am to you. my love!

i, love you...

to the point i am invisible

to the point that i am unstoppable,

just because you love me too

i am drinking from the cup of intelligence,

eating of the plate of wisdom,

and inhaling the air called love...

deeply and openly embracing the fullness there of! thank you lord!

for one dark night i kissed the sky,

it took me higher than my highest high,

it dropped me lower than my lowest low,

it touched me in places i can never show,

one dark night the sky kissed me,

injected visions of who i would be,

extracted knowledge of who i'd been,

and took away all my sins......

the pressure of a diamond has been placed upon me,

simply by being told that i am free,

flying in the clouds so gracefully,

feathers tickling the air so casually,

as i figure out how best to just be...

Freedom is so vast and limitless...

i embrace my liberation....

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