Fairness that’s so unfair

Who else really cares

That mommy lost her pair

I brushed your hair,

Bought your underwear

Took you everywhere

Loved only you with out a care

My babies, my freedom, my loves

Who flew away like doves

Ungrateful freedom, unnecessary punishment

Can’t even accept a compliment

For nothing will replace or supplement

So I guess I must reinvent

What’s my true sentiment

So that I may circumvent

This new emotional predicament

My heart, stunned soul, bruised heart

Right back to the start

Enervated vessel, renewed: refilled: redeemed

Scarred, yet still received

Being held exacerbates this thing

This love that cuts like you wouldn't believe

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Kris Grula's picture

you're amazing.... this is brilliant, I love it..... sublime work.