naughty ramblings

Popped a pill and it dragged me

All the way to ecstasy

Encouraged my mind to be

Open and relaxed and free

Waves so strong with out a doubt

I had to shout

To let love out

Who else knows what stuff be bout

Bubbly disposition piggybacked with lust

Say the right shit and it might go down as we discuss

In the center of our circle of trust

Rolling like us so watching’s a must

Petal touches, licks and kisses form a crust

On our deep dished lie filled wet swollen hot sex pie

Then I look up and you catch my eye

I can’t resist, though I try

Any other day I’d hate you, but now I wonder why

I’m magnetized to your touch

I don’t even like to be touched this much

Tickling my earlobes and such

Eager to be in your passive clutch

Returning the stimulation

Turns it into masturbation

Too intoxicated for humiliation

Holding on to the awaiting gratification

Standing collecting arousal from the air

Flows so loosely no one’s aware

Of this pressure mounting me til I tear

One end from the other, but I don’t care

Throbbing in thrills on a dare

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Andrea Thigpin's picture

Wow, very moveing for my part I really liked it nice job! Well I have not ever tryed ecstasy that's basically the only one I have not done yet well see I think this poem has a metophor with a deeper meaning the the pill it just takes time to find it within yourself so keep up the good work!
xoxox, Andrea