look a little deeper

vanity leads to insanity

shedding the clothing of humanity

continuing the trek of the wise

forces the blind to open their eyes

seek to find and to be found

to elevate to higher ground

and find an existence more profound

than just simply hanging around

basking in our own reflection

changes direction of correction

and leads to disconnection

so today i say

to start a new way

let's see the we who we be

through character traits as the true beauty

launching a new movement

of sentiments that reinvent

the nature of a compliment

on what is seen and what is felt

it's the God in you that makes my heart melt

and our physical shine

as we intertwine

makes me blind

as we meld our minds.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am so anxious...so frustrated, so enamoured, so past all the glamours...

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Try not rhyming...Lady A



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i don't read it to see if it

i don't read it to see if it rhymes and seldom read these after they are penned or typed, but i am saying something that needs those words to come out as it chooses revelation..a soft touch and mysterious dance. i do thank you for reading....did you see the pictures that i was trying to paint with my words?

it means something