Proposition Pt. 3 (the response)

naughty ramblings

You want some, I want all

Can't be me who you want to call

What you give is not enough

You don't see me and want to cuff

You see me lingering round in the buff

Not really down for the other stuff

As much as I give I'll never get

Standing the the rain eternally wet

That girl can't be me are you listening son

I'm more than the girl who you call for fun

But you'll never see cuz your eyes are closed

And all that I am...

you just see one pose

That's cool for you, not so much for me

So just understand that I need a He

Who actually loves and cares for me

Sees all my gifts and let's me be free

Because he knows he found his She

Being his she means one simple thing

I'm no longer available to be your little fling

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"I need a He"

interesting pronoun usage. Fun :D

Lady A