Something To Write

I'm still alive.

But I've been quiet.

I've stayed pertty much to myself.

For the past 15 years.

I guess you could call me,

A hermit...


I like the peace and quiet.

Where I am,

I have no close neighbours.

I'm not afraid

Of being by myself.

It's kinda nice...


I do get lonely.

But it passes.

I've still been writing.

In scribblers jotting notes down.

Like black flies.

On a hot summer night...


By SandraM.Veinot

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trying to write

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Doing and well. ~S~



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well it`s good to get out

well it`s good to get out every now and then

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"Do or do not. There is no try." -Yoda

Isolation is quite nice a lot of the time. Too, are we far from it all. Love it. Keep the words flowing. We enjoy when you share with us.


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