waking reality

verse 1:

don't shine your light on me

i'm in the dark cuz i wanna be

is that all you're able to think

when there's so much more to


(sang fast)

in your dreams

you are fallin

hear my screams

waking reality

(sang slow and powerful)

in my dreams

i am falling

hear your screams

waking reality


why can't i quit shaking you

why can't i just get this through

it's such a simple fucking truth

eventually you're gonna lose


my patience is wearing thin

suffering your helpless skin

my hatred rises deep within

mourning who you could've been

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i love singing this song... it's fun... now the lyrics could relate to all kinds of different things... but here's what i was did here... i wrote this song in the mind frame of a serial killer lying in bed at night drifting in and out of sleep and hearing the screams of his victum downstairs... now re-read the lyrics and if you could hear how i perform this song... you might get kinda creeped out... unless you're like me and get excited by this kinda sic shit... i am sic and twisted afterall... lol

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Jessica Thacker's picture

the last two lines were awesome

"my hatred rises deep within
mourning who you could've been"

its amazing how you came up with that