short poems

walking alone today and thinking about you

the one to rescue me from my solitude

your gentle touch aching on my skin

the seconds tick by like lonely little sins

hope guides me through each aweful day

that i'll get to see you and have the chance to say

all the words i feel you really need to hear

and show you, that with me, there's nothing left to fear

take my promises as something full of truth

in this world there's nothing without you

my heart has never beat with such powerful strength

you keep me in a whirlwind so i can't even think

yet every morsel of my being is devoted to you

i've never felt a love so innocent and true

i really don't know how i was able to survive

cuz living without you, i was never really alive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

july 13, 2009... funny thing is when i wrote this i was homeless and currently at a really creepy guy's place and trying to figure out a way to get a ride away from there and where the next place to go would be... and i wrote the sweetest love poem i've ever written. weird huh. kinda makes me wanna vomit, but whatever.

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Stan Holliday's picture

A heartfelt write but a few of the lines were a bit "wordy".Remember in poetry as architecture often less is more....scribbler