worst reminders


i thought i could handle this

walk away like nothing mattered

instead, i fucking cursed myself

the day my world was shattered

i found some photos on the ground

in moments, i had them gathered

PICTURES are the worst reminders

i should've left them scattered

had my eyes blured that day

overlooked your face on the floor

if i hadn't seen your image

i would'nt obsess over the score

torture myself for hours too long

i wanna look at them some more

pictures AR THE worst reminders

showing how we were before

hopeless suicidal panic attacks

when i put your face away

denying what happened to us

fantasizing down memory lane

getting captured and lost in your eyes

imangining you still love me the same

pictures are the WORST reminders

guaranteed to drive me insane

the camera caught such beautiful emotion

frozen in time and flirting with me

feeing the fires of my obsession

making me love you like crazy

maybe if we could get together

you could see the way i see

pictures are the worst REMINDERS

sure to be the death of me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when i wrote the poem, i'd just gotten outta jail for something i honestly didn't do and found my apartment empty. my roommates of a year, my only family, the people i loved most in this world, had left me and taken nearly everything. i seriously found pictures randomly scattered around the rubble left in our old apartment. i didn't write this until three days later. seriously obsessing over the pictures, doing alot of screaming and crying and hurting, all while trying to decide how to handle the situation... forget it and move on or go stalker psycho on them fools... didn't go nuts though... will never ever be able to forget it... but i'm happy to report that i'm moving on even though i'm carrying a very heavy load of baggage still but i'm talking less and less about it. written may 27, 2010. SIC

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