I have a chance

I have a chance, I must be very careful

It's not often I get a chance like this,

I feel very lucky, isn't this wonderful,

Just one chance, Lets not blow it,

Just one chance, something you can't miss,

Just one chacne, Lets make the moment fit,

Does this person love me, I hope so

Don't get cocky now, like a snakes hiss

Do you know what its like to love like this, I say no,

Love is trikcy, like a card game,

Little by Little my passion grows stronger

Lets be together we seem the same.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

intersting... really your poetry shows me that you are a good and realistic and logic based poet... and the ideas and subjects are enough new and the way you do it is fantastic... yeah I mean it and love this piece of poem very much..and hope my petry will also touch your heart if go through seriously..and let me know if its ok to your taste of soul...