If You were mine forever

if you were mine forever i'd hold you oh so tight,

and love you my sweet mandi each and every night.

If you were mine forever wed take walks by full moon light,

with my dear sweet mandi your beauty right in sight.

If you were mine forever id never make you cry,sometimes i'd send you flowers and youd be asking why.if you were mine forever youd be special every day,

and yes my dear sweet mandi in all those special ways.if you were mine forever wed be so much in love,id always be behind you even push to shove.

If you were mine forever id hold you every night,then my beautiful mandi the world would all seem right.if you were mine forever making love would be so sweet,because my darling mandi our love could not be beat.

If you were mine forever,forever it would be,i wish my dear swet mandi that you could only see.if you were mine forever,till death do us part,for you see my darling mandi your always in my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My friend Larry wrote this for me to explain how he feel about me even though I care about my best friend

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Dan Cook's picture

Sounds like your love grows with each & every heart beat!
That was such a lkove filled & sweet poem!Keep em' coming!