Bleeding Wounds

Shattered dreams and broken glass
Bleeding wounds can't heal to fast
I hear the voices, yet right is still
Seeing faces in my window sill
tears fall down my cheeks
tired, broken, and feeling weak
The voices laugh at me because
it wasn't them , but yes it was
They caused my crying tears
They know my deepest, darkest fears
They know my saddness lurks inside
So the voices I must abide
A prisoner in my on mentality
The voices and I , true duality
A mental fear in my brain
causing self inflicted pain
I think I'll stop the voices fun
In the mirror I say to them
"Shattered dreams and broken glass,
Bleeding wounds are healed at last"

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poetvg's picture

I love this outstanding
poem please keep writing
into the future
because i will be
back to read a few
more of your pieces into the future as well .

be well , A fan of your work Mrs GT :*)