i hope she gives you herpes

The Bad Thoughts

well excuse me for being bitter

about not being included in your new life

i guess you finally found the girl for you

she'd make the perfect little wife

i'm so happy your moving on

while i'm stuck here in a rut

i hope she doesn't give you herpes

i've heard she's kind of of a slut

good, i'm glad to hear about the wedding

but are you sure she can wear white?

i hope there aren't any surprises for you

on your wedding night

like maybe she used to be a man

she does have those really big feet

now that i think more about it

she does kind of look like a paul or a pete

or maybe she has a house full of kids

all of them fathered by different fathers, of course

or maybe she used to be a porno star

and had sex on the internet with a horse

or maybe she just gave a blow job to a goat, i don't know

but come to think of it, i do recall seeing her somewhere

i think that she was getting screwed by three midgets  

and she was on her back with her legs up in the air

yeah, yeah, yeah i'm taking cheap shots

at the new love of your new life

hey fuck it, i'm fucking bitter as fucking hell

i just always thought i'd be your wife

i guess you changed your mind

well, i changed  mine too and guess what?

i hope she does give you herpes

and hey have a great life with your new little slut

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