All The Rabbits

Soft, docile, creatures

Short, tall

Pudgy, thin

Black, brown, or white

You're loved all the same

Hopping here, hopping there

God and man's amusement

Silly rabbits

Chasing carrots

Lounging on the lawn

Looking for a cozy little nest

Just wanting to be petted

All the rabbits

Nameless whores

Given to man by God

For our pleasure

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allets's picture

Not quite

...Peter or Bugs, the little fornicating, promiscuous animals that like hopping and humping. Just mother nature helping out those further up the food chain. It is not easy being delicious raw or cooked. Its a metaphor for evolution...I liked this poem-allets.

Lady A


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A very late reply, I may have

A very late reply, no, not quite Bugs so much as those soft little creatures that need reassurance and find it by spreading their legs. Perhaps a harsh view but so be it. I do like your take on feeding those higher up the food chain.