Searching For Herself

Dazzled by the glamour of whom she saw

Feeling the wind carrying her soul

On the direction as them

following others path

Brought chaos upon her faith

all alone in the dark

she will never see the glamour of life anymore

searching for answers

And forgiveness from God

for bringing misfortune upon herself

Searching for herself

among those thousands of lost souls

searching for the path of freedom

to fly once more

Trapped in a cage she is

Bars of addiction keeping her away

From being who she really is

for being taken away by the mighty weaves

of fear and uncertainty

An "Addict" they call her

Searching for her own self

One living among Billions of those dark clouds

we see passing silently everyday.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

well done ... its really heart feeling.. and sweet way your poetic style.. inspiring one..appreciate you... hope we stay in touch

orangejumpsuit's picture

That was sensational. I didnt get what the addiction was but it was utterly engaging and really good writing, the cloud bit at the end was my favority. Awesome yo