Sorry is the Only Word

To be loved by you is all what I dreamt of

To be held in your arms is all what I wanted

But it seems that my faith keeps us apart

Though how much I try to reach for your heart

I do not know how to show my love for you

Nor I know to show how much I care

All what flow out of me are empty words

To make us even apart

It's your belief that I do not love the way you do

It's your belief that I do not value your love

But I do not know to show how deep my love is for you

So "SORRY" is the only word that will flow as my deepest thoughts

All what I can say is "IM SORRY"

For tearing your love apart

Though it was not my intention to break your heart

It is my anger and emptiness that makes me weep in the dark.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a sweet poem from my best friend side.. but whats not good is your absence from site and you are not adding new poems.. you poetry is enough good and impresive like this poem..hope you do few comments but in ong way for my poems and send ... to add to my of luck