Temptation of closeness beyond any territory

Amicable the best you are from heart and soul

Unison of hearts between us, real; not story

Scintillate the wisdom, you never said, it’s all.

Image of me seen from heart to heart all over

Friends will not realize how much caring you are

Hundreds of years I can wait for you just to see

And I’ll do so forever, even when the soul is free

Summary of brotherhood doesn’t have an ending

Adorned with affection, love, tenderness and caring

Next to you, there I will be always waiting for you

Kneels down to lord almighty, made me brand new

Hours after hours I miss you like anything my dear

Atrocity of distance kills me every day that’s I fear

Not a single moment of peace, until I see sunshine

Restless my heart says, brother you are only mine

Annihilating all barrier, I will win you from everything

Demolish all vices, whatever, they are mere trifling

Irresistible the time making me, just can’t wait anymore

Tremendous the passion, roaming long the sea shore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

30 june 2020

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Thank You

For these two poems. Much appreciated and admired for their depth. ~Stella~