Without You

I was happy when i had you
Now im sad because i lost you
I thought we'd be forever
But, with every forever
There is always a never
Every beginning has an end
But, why did mines end so soon
Fighting my thoughts everyday
Was it a dream or was it reality
I thought it was a nightmare
Taking my heart from me
Leaving my soul to dwell in darkness
I wasn't a perfect person
And i ain't expect anything from you
I just wanted you to love me
So im sitting here sad and lonely
Because every time I think of you
I think of the good and bad
If i could go way back
I would fix our mistakes
So, we could live happily ever after
But, the reason we can't live a fairytale
Is, real life there isn't a happily ever after
And I can never be happy
Because without you I can't smile

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Wonderful. I know the

Wonderful. I know the feelings exactly. Sometimes you do everything you can for someone but yet the relationship is one sided and you lose out in the end.

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What you say is very true.

What you say is very true.

Robyn Deters