One may not always see

the hand touching the bare

arms of this poem

or hear the serrated misery

in the sound of leaves crushing

against the asphalt road.

Everything else

is obscured

unless you let one listen

to the sound of wind

and how one beholds it

with nothing there.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Hi Sweetie,

What a touching write! I have just started a new site here and you were the last to comment in my old guestbook. I was not sure if I had ever returned you visit. I look forward to getting to know you better.

Please drop in on me when you can and have your volume on. I know some do not like to read with music but give me a chance. LOL I grow on you in time, really I do.

Have a great evening. Now I am off to find at least one more of the person that is you.

Aspiring Angel

Violet Carolina's picture

made me curious about beholding the wind w/nothing there. w/o sight and sound, would be hard to behold, eh? i can't even imagine. interesting.