let me enjoy the days of my journey;

taste the sweetness of the brilliant

morn, when I dreamed of odysseys,

climbed hills, lived in wilderness

that echoes my solitude;

let me look at my life’s account

when I cried laughters

hewn words through soliloquys,

practiced how to drape pain from the eyes

that mirror autumn skies;

let me be seen through

the warmth of the afternoon light

even when nightfall shadows bluer

upon restless flight. then would I realize,

I still have the strength

for one more chapter in my life.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

intersting... really your poetry shows me that you are a good and realistic and logic based poet... and the ideas and subjects are enough new and the way you do it is fantastic... yeah I mean it and love this piece of poem very much..and hope my poetry will also touch your heart if go through seriously..and let me know if its ok to your taste of soul...