HAIKU-Things That Enthrall


mesmerized by haiku

I cuddle words

gazing at you.

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Lola, that's what we call innovation. :P On the net is a wealth of reading materials about a metered and non-metered haikus. Contemporary poets or haiku enthusiasts write haikus not necessarily with the 5-7-5 syllables. Hence, contemporary poets writing haikus in the English language does not follow the required meter cuz of the difference between the Japanese and the English languages. Notice even that the works of the haiku masters like Basho, Issa and Buson when translated in English tend to be not a 5-7-5 metered one. Check out their haikus. As Basho said, learn the rules, then forget about it. :P

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You said b4 hauku format was 5-7-5. What happened here?