I once asked you

To write me a poem

You said you cannot find

The words that would rhyme

I replied,

It doesn’t matter if it

Shall not rhyme at all.

I asked you instead

To sing me a lovesong

You said you can never

Carry a tune

I replied,

It doesn’t matter if it

Shall sound like a gong.

Everything went still

As it dawned on me

I wept for I was blind to see

You have nothing

To write

You have no song

To sing.

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mar's picture

Uh? Souless.... some people don't have inspirations but soon or later comes. It is kind of sad this poem, not because how is written, I meant what it says.

kiwi's picture

I am glad I am not that person.I have met some who are though .they seem to walk with their face to the ground.You have put this very simply but effectively.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.