I’m in this place again

how I remembered so well

I was sitting on a rock

seagulls swooping by

this was where our love began

I remembered the time

six-thirty and it was dusk

we stayed here till half past nine

no sign of moon nor the stars above

but a small flicker from the fisherman’s wharf.

we frequent this place

every now and then

glancing at the boats passing us by

together we’ve built castles in the sky

and weaved dreams that only we can describe

I would feel a feet taller

every time he looks at my big eyes

my hand would hold those lean fingers

to entwine them around mine.

I’m in this place again

sitting alone by the rocks

and time and time again

I was asking myself

surely my love

has just forgotten

the time?

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Lesa Gay's picture

A charming work of rememberance. I surely hope that your love had just forgotten the time! Very nice work. ~Lesa~