this life of mine

tattered and in shreds

face spitted


your voice ringing

I dare not listen

your promises

they're a clanging cymbal

you left me with nothing

my reflection

I dare not look into

it despicably mocks

how I yearn to feel again

the complexities of love

tremors of jealousy that stabs

to see tear-stained pillows

to feel the pain of losing

the retching joy of finding

those beguiling moments

be encountered once more

and soon shall my heart pumps

with life in its veins

to cure this numbness

Iā€™m still feeling within.

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Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Serene, I enjoyed the writing and emotion here. So many people in this world wanting to bring others down.... I pity them more than anything. Keep the faith and keep writing!!

iqbalar's picture

Wow! it's written so elegantly.