I dream that someday

someone special would come my way

I found out it had come true

when you talked to me that day

your voice, yes I remember

affectionate, sweet and caring

that's all you are

how often do I imagine you?

everyday, thinking if your love is true.

I hope we'll share idyllic times

laughing, carefree with so much fun

I'll rest my head on your shoulder

as you hold my hand

and together we'll talk

how wonderful life has become

we'll watch that rainbow painting the sky

its radiance carries the hope

even when rains doth come

yes, I'll be like that

I promise you

a burst of colors

when your life is blue.

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Violet Carolina's picture

very sweet

Violet Carolina's picture

"I promise you a burst of colors when yours is blue"

sounds like you put some thought into this line. makes people smile!! he must be a lucky guy. i once dated a poet. have to admit i miss the poems rolling in, he used to write me...

Misty Lackey's picture

I loved this line we'll watch that rainbow painting the sky also the very last line in this poem was good too..

ugonna's picture

There is something real and powerful about this poem, Serene! Indeed, our dreams make us human. But our yearnings make us humane. Dreams and longings are real for me; but all I see in this beautifully woven piece: "SOMEONE LIKE YOU" is reality. It feels so wonderful and unfathomable to love and be loved in return. Unreciprocated love can be painful and unfulfillingly devastating. What Serene has enchantingly done in this luring poem is to draw us into those realms of beauty, love and inspiration where the rainbow uplifts us to the level of joy and humaneness with all of its radiant colours. And surely, the rainbow drives me wild. My love for the rainbow can only be explained by the concept of forever friendship. The following lines captures the truth and reality of Serene's joyful love: "how wonderful life has become we'll watch that rainbow painting the sky its radiance carries the hope..." Let us then learn that life, inspite of all the pain that surrounds us, can afterall be beautiful and hopeful with gladness. May we learn from Serene's real yearnings and radiant rainbow - let our love for one another outlive the monuments of stone - just like the hopeful rainbow in the blue sky. Thank you so much, Serene for letting us have "SOMEONE LIKE YOU"! Ugonna Wachuku