I am always fascinated to look up to you,

your face radiant as the sun,

picking me up right away

the chores set aside,

you said it can wait just for a while.

you turn to me when your mind's a cluttter,

you leaf through my pages,

every flip of your fingers send a thrill to my senses,

I can make you laugh, drown you in tears

your eyes big in awe and wonder.

I can take you away

to a faraway and distant land

where life is a fairytale.

I can show you the real world,

its harshness inevitable,

that life is a symbol of tears, smiles and fears,

yes, I can open up all doors

for you to take a look.

I remember how many times

when sleep evades you

putting me down is hard to do,

your father turns off the light

he said you need some rest

tomorrow is another day.

his words came unheeded

for you and I will be bathed

in a dim streak of light,

together we will journey to boundless places,

my destiny complete

when you turn all my pages.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Ashanda, my pal extraordinaire... a writer in her own right.  I'm eager to get hold of your first book.

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Melvin Lee's picture

Hi there.. i am attracted to your site , cos of your wonderfully generous words u penned for my poems. SMilesz..thanxs a lot, Serene.. That was so sweet of u. This poem is the first i chose.and i like it a lot... shows the development of the scenerio very well. And indeed, life is like a book, filled with chapters so different and diverses , that every single page is never quite the same. Smilesz. thanxs for sharing. I shall go read more now. Ciaos~