Shriveling up inside.

All this pain I can not hide.

Something is missing,


At the very least,


I’m holding in all this anguish,

That remains unspoken.

From glue, to hugs and kisses,

Can’t mend my wounds,

My soul,

My heart.

I am broken.

Nothing can fix me.

I stand here before you,

As I am,

Just another girl you may see,

But you don’t see what is truly inside of me.

I am broken.

I’m dying,

I’m crying,

This pain is not subsiding!

Why won’t it leave me in peace?

Let me rest.

For I am broken,

Almost dead,

Half way there.

Let me be,

Broken in peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of my most personal poems. About my inner turmoils. It's hard for me to write this stuff down, but I think I did alright with this one.

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mustafa's picture

thank you. 4 sharing your thoughts and inner experiences, it is a great poem. not a beautiful one 4 a broken heart can never be a beautiful thing. urs mustafa