Why Didn’t You Save Me?

Why, father, did you let him hurt me this way?

Why, father, didn’t you stop him?

Why, father, didn’t you save me?

You let him hurt me over and over again.

Not once,

Not twice,

Maybe more than thrice,

I’m not exactly sure.

I’ve blocked out most of those memories you see,

Because they only bring me heart ache and agony.

How could you stand by and let this happen to me?

Why did he have to hurt me this way?

I was only a child,

Not more than three or four.

Why didn’t anyone believe me when I told them what he said?

Why didn’t they believe when I said when I got older he wanted to wed.

Why couldn’t he stop?

My tears should have been like flashing lights.

My sobs, like sirens.

Yet nothing made him stop.

You not only let him do this to me,

The one you called your baby,

But you let him hurt my sister too.

Now that just won’t do!

I don’t believe the words they say,

Trying to defend you.

Saying that you beat him,

And whipped him,

Why did you continue to employ him?

Why the fuck didn’t you destroy him?!

You said that you loved me.

That I was baby girl!

If that’s truly the case,

Then why didn’t you save me?

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Anony Moose's picture

we have to look to our past lives to see how
our own violence comes back to us

dreams and deep meditation and prayer
can give clues

Rabs's picture

i must disagree from the 'lifeguardsleeping's' opinions on the poem. I consider it to be very moving and altho it too left me wondering what it was your father did not save you from, the kernal theme is your father did not save you. i also feel there is merit in poems that keep you thinking.


iceblocker2003's picture

This poem is ok but its also really stupid. i think at teh end you should have said what your "father" didnt save you from now its all a bunch of questions in mind.