book 11

A pleasant fall day

     out for a drive

a few errands to run

     in warm afternoon


traffic was light

     and the weather was good

and I thought that

     everything was going good


then with my ear

     I heard a strange sound

wasn't sure what was

     like someone hitting a pan


as my speed it did change

     so did the beating pan

had louder it slowly grew

     till much too loud


carefully I drove

     to a dealer where

the service man said

     my engine was dead


nine thousand dollars

     for a new one

my truck was worth three

     when should they begin


I could not believe

     what they did say

I could buy three

     in stead of fixing one


my day which was so nice

     had took a bad change

suddenly it was not

     such a nice day


to salesman I did talk

     told them of my woe

and they told me that

     they had just thing


a much newer truck

     in effervescent pearl

black leather seats

     it included everything


a backup camera

     a GPS

a big V-6

     like in a Camaro


zero to sixty

     in seven seconds flat

gets nineteen miles

     to a gallon of gas


the radio needs

     as subscription

so do the controls

     if to work fine


don't forget insurance

     tires and oil

it all does add up

     to quite a bill


but fun it is

     when I punch the gas

and the engine suddenly roars

     at all the people I pass


it may be

     a all wheel drive

but seven inches high

     no off-roading


I do miss

     my transfer box

my low gear

     and being so high


I guess I can live

     in a equinox

with a Camaro's V-6

     in effervescent pearl











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A Detroiter

My kinda poem!