Tell me

Tell me

Do you climb mountains

Or swim the sea

Race with the wind

Or float with the breeze

Smile then your happy

And cry then you're sad

Tell me

Oh tell me

Do you any of these

Do you like to put on

Your comfortable clothes

And then sit around

Doing little at all

Or get all dressed up

In your very best

And go into town

Just for a stroll

Tell me

Tell me

What about those

Do you get up quite early

To see the new day

Or stay up very late

To tell it good day

Do you like sunshine

Or do you like rain

Maybe you like snow

Or like them all just the same

Do you eat ice cream

With rich fudge topping

And maybe you like

A peanut butter sandwich

And a big glass of milk

For a little snack

Can you tell me

Any of these

Do you look for falling stars

Or count them that stay

Do you run after rainbows

And chase butterflies

Do you sit watching flowers

To see them grow

Tell me


Tell me

Any of those

There are so many questions

And plenty of time

But I'm somewhat impatient

Thro enjoying my time

Tell me

Oh tell me


Of these



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I'll Tell You

I try to avoid watching grass grow. I watch clouds move though :D slc