Wind of Change


I have wrote a poem or two                 I have wrote for 40 years

And I would like to see them               and do have a number in

in print                                              print

and looking to them submit                 and I have submitted

                                                        many of them

I see they charge a reading fee           and I have never paid a fee

and it does not seem very much          because I'm not very rich

for a chance to published be               I will not pay for a chance to

                                                        published be

I am told to beware of those               for I know there are those

who really just my money want           who really just my money


but I will pay a little bit                       and I am paid by them who

if I may then published be                  do publish my poems



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A Poem Or Two

I have written and published and get paid in copies. A few paid poems, but they want to own the copyright usually. I stopped publishing. Poetry should be free. A fee? Really! slc