Save me from friends

They always know

 What is best for you

And will tell you

 What you need to hear

Back you up

 They’ll be there

And for you

 They really care

Just one thing

 Is a problem

That you don’t

 Agree with them

Not with what

 They know is best

Nor with that

 They make you hear

And from them

 You would walk away

You do not want

 Who they want you to be

They just know

 They are your friend

And with them

 You will better be

They want what is best

 They will get you there

Right to where

 They want you to be

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I was thinking earler this evening about people who are odd but unavoidable and destined to share spaces often - and how to cope with the personality of do what I say or there will be consequences. Who does that? anyway, she's ours and we ignore her mostly and suffer her because she's one of us. :D