I had a dream last night

You and I were together

In our house that will never exist

We laughed, cried and kissed

Hands touched and our faces too

Our bodies breathed in each other

My skin exhaled at the thought

Of the happiness we caught

The heat between us was enough

Yet we shielded ourselves in sheets

Looked like fish caught in a net

As we continued playing our duet

Tickles, caress, stares back and forth

High on love or high on life

Two of us sleeping on a bed for one

And that is the moment it came undone

I Awoke.


Teary Eyed.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thus is life

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Kristi Townsend's picture

nicely done.

by the way, I do check my poems still

-Kristi Townsend

Stacey Mathers's picture

Really good poem. First one I've read in awhile with real emotion it in.