There's reality and there's what you think.

Mmmm... Why?

Why do you have to be so insulting?

Why do you paint that fake smile on.

Why do you bother?

Why do you seek a significant other?

Why do anything at all?

Why do you expect things to be the way they aren't?

Why choose that perspective?

Why do you lie?

Why do you kill?

Why do you love?

Why do you hate?

Why do you feel so self-entitled?

Why do you think people want to listen to you?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I see, so that's why huh?

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My Expectations



I want things to be like they ain't

since the way they are is wacky,

hard to understand, mismatched,

and backward. The other side

of potential ideas has to be like

that grass that's greener.


Everyone here is tense and under

a delusion that success is just

about to happen if they work

like a mutt and cheat a lot. That

is why things as they ain't

make a hell of a lot more sense

right now.


Stella L. Crews