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Speaking the truth never got me much friends, but it helps me sleep at night.

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So many to choose from..........

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Friends or Truths

The poet as "writer" seeks what is most correct, most right (to them and others) but truth changes, it evolves and is alive and expands or shrinks. Greater truths are believed to be eternal but can be as illusory and vague depending on the crisis of the hour. Thou shall not kill (tax dollars buy weapons and recruit people to kill for us - we are killers and lie about it or hide from it), bear false witness (If forgiveness and repentance were not real all of us would burn in hell), you must honor your mother and father (what about bastards?). For every truth there is this orbit of exceptions floating through the posit and the proofs. Be strong, be sure, but more than sure or strong, be right (a problem I struggle with daily). Without wrestling with ideas, there is no reason to write anything down. Ha - Best wishes for the holiday. I am exceptionally happy this month - Stella



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That's good to hear stella :)

Thanks for taking the time to put forth the questions that should be asked.  Should be examined over and over again.