A note I found on my Tea Bag as I steeped

Our intuition comes from innocence.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well that will be something I'll ponder about through out the whole day.  Maybe thats why really young children can seem to remember their past lives so well.  But adults usually find it strange or just a funny story.  If they only knew....                           

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To Intuit


The known without


the immediate

response sans

experience. What

god or nature

or the stars

granted a mind


to history.


Stella L. Crews






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Must be Chinese Tea

Must be Chinese Tea bags'....at least there's something in them besides a quote.....fortune cookies don't have crap in em'Tongue Out


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Yeah, A ginseng mix

Today's teabag said "The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment."   *sighs* If it were only that simple, little teabag; If it were only that simple....

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Gene Sing :-D

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I Shall Make Tea

whose purpose will be to refresh. Thanks for sharing -  :D - Nice cuppa, Bish.  - A -




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Gene Sing?

I got something for that.  Thanks for the comment bespected Rishu!