State of mind

The only thing god gave us to think we're just like him;


The only thing we gave god to think he's just like us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a friend in real life who suffers from some psychotic disorder.  Delusions of grandeur and the like.  All I can say is I wonder what it's like to think that way.  Just had thought wanted to capture it.  I should say he openly proclaims himself to be god, which of course is freaking everybody out.  Thats what inspired this.

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The Brain Feels Dissonance

I like poems that cause the lines to bounce around and collide and separate to square off and collide again endlessly. God Complex - I've heard of it but never heard of anyone with it. i don't know what to say.




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I Understand.

This friend of mine is a good guy and all, but tormented by his past.  Mind you this proclaiming to be god thing was only via FaceBook.  I invited him over the other day and he talked for hours.  It was a good time.